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Why Sex Workers ask for your Selfie Photo

There are a few jerks out there belittling and degrading multiple providers for their screening process .

A GOOD provider would never talk down or disrespect someone who doesn't want to screen. Sex workers aren't forcing anyone to screen or see them


That we all have something to protect.

There are scummy clients & there are scummy providers alike. Both exist.

Both sides are taking a risk at loosing

And I understand both sides,

Males, have a personal life , family, marriage, jobs

Providers have their home/ office along with risk of getting a record , dealing to landlords , eviction records, I've seen TER be used against my friend in court and she had her child taken away.

These are all equal losses ...


A photo of yourself isn't just part of the screening process , BUT as technology grows , we must also. ..

Here's some insight you probably never think about

1 . Not all providers will know who you are , you're probably not a public face, We don't care , we just care about saftey. If you didn't get through with screening, you're not the right person for that provider, and she probably has past trauma so she's protecting. Move on to a different one if she isn't for you.

2. Some providers might be in a shared building.

sometimes a random who's looking for a different office entirely will go to the wrong door?

(A providers door)

If u walk up first , cool. What if that random walks up to the door before you and stops at our door not realizing? We let them in , they get a weird vibe... What if they leave and say something to someone else in that building? If the provider knew who they were looking for they won't open the door for the wrong face.

(Before knowing what my landlord looked like, I did this in my early years, and it raised an eyebrow, got me kicked out)

3. Harmful clients who send someone else's doccuments , for example, send a white male, but shows up as an asian male. The provider takes them and then he h@rms her , BADLY...

Before this all took place , she just thinks he has been screened, she doesn't need a face.

had she had a face to match, she would have stopped herself from opening that door and wonder why descriptions don't match. More that likely he doesn't want to be found.. I know this SOUNDS ironic because we use fake names but once that address is given, you basically found us.

No one deserves to harmed. And it would be helpful to protect our providers with correct info, As the same offender can move on with a new fake identity to harm more . yet we don't even know who he is

Question for you:

would you be happy if a provider took minimal screening info for everyone? Not just for you, but for EVERYONE... That would mean someone from the city can also penatrate the screening process , therefore making the location you might potentially visit very unsafe for you <<

(If you have another way please disclose with us )


JUST RUN... maybe even walk. WE GET IT, this is our profession. You have things you are considering to protect. So protect

HOW to feel more confident?

1. Look into other other options??

2. If a provider isnt established , You could have simply asked a provider to verify HERSELF via another provider who is highly established ,

3. ASK about her in forums

Maybe someone out there has already taken one for the team

4. Ask about Your screening info

Consent to keep your info should always be asked.

If the provider doesn't have permission then more than likely you can't use that peovider as reference.

Worried? Ask what is done with your info . Ask if it's okay to have it removed and if its okay to request confirmation of physical viewing upon arrival?

Being traced ?

Clients have said the info will bite them in the ass later

Indeed today is tricky! with the new laws in place of legally allowed to break privacy issues , we pretty much are all screwed !! There's no such thing as privacy anymore. And honestly I think they are putting these things into place to protect but also I believe they are preparing to decriminalized us soon to collect even more taxes.

The good news

Sex work is slowly becoming less of a taboo

And when quarantine happened, it opened up more eyes in how much companionship can play Into someone's mental health.

I hope that it won't be much longer til we are decriminalized.

The message

I truly believe in growth , and communication can be a wonderful tool. Some clients will wonder why everyone has avoided them and they go unanswered, and those people might have never known why 🤷🏻‍♀️

Hope you enjoyed this read ,

We would never want to have someone walk onto our doors nervous and scared , so take your time, research your providers and be safe everyone


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