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Friend was held by gun point

Before you use any provider as a reference , please think about who you're using as reference as well as HOW WELL DID SHE SCREEN YOU? PLEASE stop sending us anyone who did NOT screen you.

My friend was held at gun point . Yes that's right, another provider was held by gun point tonight , April 4th 2022 and this was serious business, she treated him seriously with respect, she did what anyone else does for screening, she walked him out after he finished his session. On the way out, he decided to act paranoid, i'm pretty sure he wanted to throw the provider "off", he pulled a gun out , and pressed up against her with the gun He reached into her robe and took his money back.

I can't imagine what he would have done if she didn't have that money on her?

The provider he used was a well known name , some of the other established providers are aware she does not verify her clients at all. The guy targeted a newer person who probably hasn't heard of the non-verifying provider, Allowing these types of men to ruin it all for everyone, and come through with zero kinds of identity.

Although, it isn't the referring provider's fault entirely for this man getting through our system but I'm here to say:

Seeing another provider doesn't automatically make a "john" a safe person, so before you send a name for reference, know that most of us will probably look more into how a provider is screening from now on, this information is being passed, if a provider isn't verifying to most provider's standards, then we probably won't allow her to be used. so please don't waste your time sending those to us & verify a different way or send a more reputable provider.

You can always just simply pass.

Providers who don't respond to references

we have an issue with these too. please reach out to your references , ask them for the best way for contact receive permission to use them before sending them to us so that we aren't just floating in a waiting pool, to hear back form someone who may not be aware or just doesn't like being used as reference.

lastly, I wish we didn't have a wall so high for screening but what do you suggest we do now?

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