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How to be PHONE sneaky!

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Yea right ?? why am I posting this?

I get it though.. we all have personal lives and some times are going through a rough time in our relationships

Sometimes we have nosey friends and family members too.

There is a ways to hide all of your stuff:

1. when people KNOW YOUR PHONE PASSWORD and go through your phone while your are asleep!!

> you can just use an old phone just for the wifi, but dont keep your stuff on your home phone, don't have the same hobby email on it period

>turn off all notifications from any of the apps you are using

I have more steps in this ... so ask me the rest in person

We can even set it up together! but I can't tell you here or it wouldn't be SNEAKYYYY..

If you are just here to read more and dont plan to see me in person to get the info , then You could also sign up to be one of my Patreon members , there's a post for it there

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