April 30: foot injury

NEEDING A WEEK BREAK until further announcement

I sincerely apologize for upcoming inconvenience . I have already reached out to all my appointments to notify them of my injury. It is nearly impossible to walk for me at this time

I am hoping by starting this blog it would help keep everyone in the loop

NOTE to Providers: I will still be able to give reference, but please, as a reminder do not ask the question on whether I had seen anyone. This is a privacy issue for me and possibly ALL of our futures..(see other post about this) you COULD ask if I feel or believe someone is safe to see.!

Clients: I expect that you reach out to me about the referral before using me as one .. I will not answer otherwise because I would not know whether or not I have permission to give out your information and I do not tolerate being in the middle of partner feuds.. Please also keep this in mind the "provider note" above and help me remind your potential provider when asking them to reach out to me ..

Thank you in advance everyone!

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