PROVIDERS: Why I will Not verify I had seen anyone

Updated: Apr 30, 2019


I do not verify that I had seen anyone. sorry!

I politely ask that we please Leave any variation of the word "see" 'seen' "visit" out of the messages


Please just ask about safety or if I can verify that I feel someone is safe to see. If I happen to have other additional notes on the potential client possibly passed onto me from the great vine, I would be glad to disclose if they are of any potential danger or harm Physically or Mentally


How I feel about this has NOTHING TO DO with keeping clients to myself.. It has to do with how much we have had taken away from us .. OUR RIGHTS... AND That's enough!!! I don't want EVEN MORE of my hard earned items to be taken either!

There are people of the younger generation who are being educated on sex worker rights and we are fighter harder than ever for it to become decriminalized. Including myself... I am out there posting weekly.. monthly.. marching out there and education all my friends and people I come in touch with!

So, whats going to happen in maybe he next 10 years...?...

I think of the future and of course I have mixed feelings.

If someone decided they wanted to come get the back pay of our work they can ... because our emails can be easily looked into.. we are talking about that thing each year that is DUE every APRIL 15

Now.. I actually file mine each year but I'm not going to deal with the future BS if they decided to come after us randomly.. and they have a hard time understanding what I file is actually from this work

how does one claim/file this type of work?

as my own Buisness,, I had to physically write that i handled mainly cash. but I did it just to cover my own ass. BUT I know many SW wont file ever.. That's totally cool

Do I feel this will actually -be a thing? : no

but I'd rather be safe than sorry

Just think about it .. that is all

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