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I am not BIG on being a Dominatrix , and I don't claim to be one my loves... but I have dabbled a bit into the world kink enough to know a list of things I am comfortable with for over 10 years 

I am not the most comfortable in delivering any Extremes but you will find below in what I enjoy

$300 for 1-Hour


The act of dominance in a soft or mild way, but is not the main focus in these kind of sessions

many of the tools used are those familiar to vanilla Muggles 

You have Never done this before but would like to get familiarized with our World

In this type of session you will the options to LEARN:

  • Communication, Consent, and Safety

  • Triggers & boundaries and how to respect them

  • proper sanitation of your toys & "after care"

  • Physical & mental Play

  • Spectrum of Intensity & your safe word

Entry Level - Intro to Domination

  • Ass worship Body worship

  • Breath play

  • Foot torture

  • Edging , tease & denial

  • Sensory deprivations

  • Light Scratching/hair pulling

  • Light Spanking & tickling 

  • Oils & massage

Level 2 - Discipline & Punishment

$400 for 1-hour

I ABSOLUTELY Enjoy Punishing my Subjects with slightly "HEAVIER" play

for those who have a hard time Obeying -MY Rules- and are in need of ​a "Good Teaching"

All toys that can break through skin MUST be a toy you provide, I do not use these types of tools on my clients as it's not advised.

Those interested In Extreme play will need time for recovery as well & take the time to do a bit of self-reflection.

  • ** Prostate Massage

  • Asian kit (sandal, fly swatter, chopstick)

  • Cock Worship (strap on)

  • Costume/Cosplay - one/both of us

  • Flogging / Flicking

  • Golden Shower

  • Face sitting / Smothering

  • Nipple Clamping / clothes pins

  • Strokes from whips and paddles

  • light Shibari 

  • Electric Shaver Hair

  • Age Play ( I make  great Mommy}

  • Plasma Torture

  • Heavy Face Slapping

  • Cock/Ball Torture CBT

  • Cutting of Clothing (light knife play)

  • Gagging

  • Extreme Impact Play

  • Voyeurism (digital)

  • Wax Play (low temp candle melt)

  • Wax Hair Removal

When filling out the INTAKE form, Be sure to also disclose Which level you are inquiring in the "NOTES" box along with the listed items you wish to experience & your "hard passes"

**I may not be into every kind of fetish in existence but feel free to share what your thoughts are & let me gauge my interest**

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