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I am not a BIG TIME Dominatrix but I have dabbled a bit into the world kink enough to know a list of things I am comfortable with 



You have Never done this before but would like to get familiarized with our World

In this type of session you will LEARN:

experiment with a selection of toys in a light way


  • Communication, Consent, and Safety

  • Triggers & boundaries and how to respect them

  • proper sanitation of your toys & "after care"

  • Physical & mental Play

  • Spectrum of Intensity & your safe word

Entry Level - Intro to Domination

Level 1 - Sensual Domination

(light sensation play)

The act of dominance in a soft or mild way, but is not the main focus in these kind of sessions

many of the tools used are those familiar to vanilla Muggles 

These sessions may include: 

  • Ass worship Body worship

  • Breath play

  • Foot torture

  • Edging , tease & denial

  • Sensory deprivations

  • Light Scratching/hair pulling

  • Light Spanking & tickling 

  • Oils & massage

Level 2 - Discipline & Punishment

I ABSOLUTELY Enjoy Punishing my Subjects with much "HEAVIER" play

for those who have a hard time Obeying -MY Rules- and are in need of ​a "Good Teaching"

This session may include & be limited to:

  • ** Prostate Massage

  • Asian kit (sandal, fly swatter, chopstick)

  • Cock Worship (strap on)

  • Costume/Cosplay - one/both of us

  • Flogging / Flicking

  • Humiliation / Shaming / Slavery

  • Golden Shower

  • Face sitting / Smothering

  • Nipple Clamping / clothes pins

  • Strokes from whips and paddles

  • Shibari 

  • Golden Shower

  • Electric Shaver Hair Removal

Level 3 - Extreme Heavy Play

(For the Experienced)

This Extreme version of heavy play needs prep work for your own safety.

All toys that can break through skin MUST be a toy you provide, I do not use these types of tools on my clients as it's not advised.

Those interested In Extreme play will need time for recovery as well & take the time to do a bit of self-reflection.

This Sort of session May Include:

  • Kinbaku - Heavily bounded

  • Torture

  • Face Slapping

  • Cock/Ball Torture CBT

  • Cutting of Clothing (light knife play)

  • Gagging

  • Extreme Impact Play

  • Age Play (Great Mom, But You provide)

  • Voyeurism (digital)

  • Wax Play (low temp candle melt)

  • Wax Hair Removal


$300 for 1-Hour : "Entry level" & "Level 1"

$400 for 90 Minutes: Level 2 and 3

(as they need more prep time and require aftercare)

When filling out the Application form, Be sure to also disclose Which level you are inquiring in the last box & whether you wish to stack/combine with a body rub style 

**I may not be into every kind of fetish in existence but feel free to share what your thoughts are & let me gauge my interest**

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