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*** I highly appreciate a sense of humor here***


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This page takes 3 Minutes! (yes I've timed it)

and further down I will tell you where to look for



 90% have found the secret word & enjoyed this page very much

If you are impatient and do not have 3 minutes then you automatically disqualify in meeting me ;P

So Gentlemen & Gentledudes, let's see if you can handle this


To reach me, you must apply



- You completed this before contacting me?

YOU ARE A GODSEND ..for saving me time




(SEND ONE of the following Combinations)

A.  Two Provider References :: MOST preferred

 I need the NAME, EMAIL & PHONE NUMBER of providers you have Visited recently)

 B. Linkedin ::  send DIRECT LINK 

your linkedin MUST be well established for me to consider


 C.  Photo of work badge : No face on badge, ID will Be requested also

 D. Business card / Webiste: Send photo of business card, or website contact. must be contacting me through matching contact listed on business card / website

 E. Pay Stub WITH Driver's License


 F. You don't have anything? Well that's Option"F" for fail & a weird way of letting me know you're broke or don't have a job and not taking this seriously.. 🤣 Maybe, you're scared..  become a Patreon Member of mine and we both might grow trust for later time... NO GUARANTEES , GOOD LUCK!

  • A selfie in pose of my choice will be decided upon Submission of application for ALL those WITHOUT a Provider Reference

Why Pre-screening?

To ensure we aren't locked in a room with a pyro-psycho who would set us on fire!! ( yes, this happened to a provider)

You can't use your cat photos as a form of provider reference... but I'm sure we all do appreciate them

*please send your cats to brighten my day!





With Demand Came Supply!

I have platforms where you may view my new postings monthly! 

Ask me about paid custom photos and videos made for you!

visit my Photos & Reviews page

I do offer the ones on my AD(s) & my website for FREE~

appreciate what you have


They exist, 96% GREAT ones & the rest bad! with a fun story of WHY they were BAD! lets be real

 I pull them from TER and all other websites to re-post them on the same site as my new photos

We can go perv on her Photos together


  • Punctuality & Communication- Tardiness is not something that sits well with me. Please plan ahead leaving plenty of travel time to reach Your destination. I would hate for our time to be compromised because you are running late.

  • Hygeine- Lucky for you I have a shower.. please use it , no provider wants to smell your sweat or your RUDE BOOTY!

  • Be Polite- Politeness and kindness are music to my ears and will get a gentleman everywhere! 

  • DON'T BE A DOUCHE -   If you have the "Customers are always right" mentality... well, I hate to break it to ya but this isn't a normal sort of business! Welcome to the world of sex work!

  • Consent/Respect -  PLEASE do not play with your provider's nipples as if they are scratch offs!! In today's time CONSENT is WAYYY sexier.

  • Discretion - This means you do not ask Questions that are incriminating, in email, texts, phone... if you do , I will deny you.

  • Donation - MY RATES are NOT to be discussed or negotiated upon meeting. Please leave it in the open before we begin (in envelope if in public)

  • References - It is proper Etiquette to reach out to me first  so that I am aware I have your permission to disclose your information.. I do not refer those I have not seen in more than 2 months because your info would be long gone.


WOWEE!! you've read things this far?! thanks!

Cancellation Policy

 No call-No show / Last Minute Cancellations 


Value being on good terms with your providers

  •  Last minute /cancellations - $50

  • under 2 hours of notifying your provider of cancellation..  

It will be hard for your provider to find someone last minute to fill in your missed time , plus she has had to pay to reserve , at the least help her pay for that

  • No call/No show - 

  • will cost you to be black listed nationally

This means I am completely unaware that you have made other plans or for what ever reason while having ample time in the day to NOT warn the provider of your absence.

  • $200 up front for the cost of previous missed appointment - before I consider letting you book with me again

Failure to respect my time


 Termination of our contact**

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Why the secret word?

I ONLY wish to work with those who will listen.. and are patient. If you fail me on this simple mission, then my website did it's purpose~

 Is there "EXTRA" service?

*facepalm* "NO, absolutely not. This is not a secret phrase hinting that I offer anything more.. Honestly If I offered more I'll get a little bit attached to where I WILL show up at your house unannounced asking for more  so.... lets keep it simple and not provoke cute crazy me! <3


Well, What can we do ?

Upon arrival, my rules will be clear upfront & people still enjoy it

so If you aren't Intimidated by me yet, I hope you're ready for an unforgettable experience !

DISCLAIMER : UPON BOOKING WITH ME YOU ARE AGREEING NOT TO BREAK RULES AND/OR ACT LIKE A DOUCHE and IF YOU DO BREAK RULES you are ALSO agreeing to getting punched in the dick for pushing my boundaries

I know some of you like getting roughed up. But you're not supposed to! LOL

 So Just Keep An Open Mind


Follow The Rules :)

I like you already!


  • Completely disrespecting / Attacking your provider    Consent is still needed for all sessions with any provider ASK BEFORE YOU ACT !!

  • know the Secret Word is in all capital letters inside ghost's speech bubble below. Make sure ya include that in your application so I know you read all this.. .... also, 

  • "No" still means No!- ask for consent always & wait for permission!

if you break the rules  ~all the nice, pretty ladies will HIDE from you !!

It's a ghost

ya can't poke it & it does nothing.

One Last Thing :

If you wish to speak to a real human Sweet Rain, you may do so after you have sent an intake form

I made this website to inform and help my clients efficiently so I only hope that it is helpful and much appreciated ...

                                                         XOXO -Sweet Rain

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