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*** I highly appreciate a sense of humor here***


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This page takes 3 Minutes! (yes I've timed it)

and further down I will tell you where to look for



 90% have found the secret word & enjoyed this page very much

If you are impatient and do not have 3 minutes then you automatically disqualify in meeting me ;P

So Gentlemen & Gentledudes, let's see if you can handle this


To reach me, you must apply



- You completed this before contacting me?

YOU ARE A GODSEND ..for saving me time




(SEND ONE of the following Combinations)

A.  Two Provider References :: MOST preferred

 I need the NAME, EMAIL & PHONE NUMBER of providers you have Visited recently)

 B. Linkedin ::  send DIRECT LINK 

your linkedin MUST be well established & with 200 or more connections for me to consider


 C. Photo of Company work badge: ID will Be requested if you do not have a badge showing both name & face


     Or Pay Stub WITH Driver's License :

we just need to see full time hours, company & your name

 D. Business Website: Link to your business Website. Must show You are an employee on that website or you must email me directly from website email

      or Business card: you have to contact me via the email or number shown on your business card if you want to avoid showing ID

 E. P411: At least 4 or more okays, Send a p411 request &

also fill intake form, everyone has to read rules here


 F. You don't have anything? Well that's Option"F" for fail & a weird way of letting me know you don't have a job or maybe not taking this seriously.. 🤣 Maybe, you're scared..  become a Patreon Member of mine and we both might grow trust for later time... GOOD LUCK!

  • A selfie in pose of my choice will be decided upon Submission of application for ALL those WITHOUT a Provider Reference

Why Pre-screening?

To ensure we aren't locked in a room with a pyro-psycho who would set us on fire!! ( yes, this happened to a provider)

You can't use your cat photos as a form of provider reference... but I'm sure we all do appreciate them

*please send your cats to brighten my day!





With Demand Came Supply!

I have platforms where you may view my new postings monthly! 

Ask me about paid custom photos and videos made for you!

visit my Photos & Reviews page

I do offer the ones on my AD(s) & my website for FREE~

appreciate what you have


They exist, 96% GREAT ones & the rest bad! with a fun story of WHY they were BAD! lets be real

 I pull them from TER and all other websites to re-post them on the same site as my new photos

We can go perv on her Photos together


  • Punctuality & Communication- Tardiness is not something that sits well with me. Please plan ahead leaving plenty of travel time to reach Your destination. I would hate for our time to be compromised because you are running late.

  • Hygeine- Lucky for you I have a shower.. please use it , no provider wants to smell your sweat or your RUDE BOOTY!

  • Be Polite- Politeness and kindness are music to my ears and will get a gentleman everywhere! 

  • DON'T BE A DOUCHE -   If you have the "Customers are always right" mentality... well, I hate to break it to ya but this isn't a normal sort of business! Welcome to the world of sex work!

  • Consent/Respect -  PLEASE do not play with your provider's nipples as if they are scratch offs!! In today's time CONSENT is WAYYY sexier.

  • Discretion - This means you do not ask Questions that are incriminating, in email, texts, phone... if you do , I will deny you.

  • Donation - MY RATES are NOT to be discussed or negotiated upon meeting. Please leave it in the open before we begin (in envelope if in public)

  • References - It is proper Etiquette to reach out to me first  so that I am aware I have your permission to disclose your information.. I do not refer those I have not seen in more than 2 months because your info would be long gone.


Return client or not!

DO NOT  come looking for your providers after your visit WITHOUT permission!! for ANY PROVIDER!

(we all discuss this, this is disrespectful)


knocking at your providers door while they are un-aware, NO ONE WILL ANSWER!  we all have neighbours or neighbouring tenants in apartments or buildings!

( who ever wants to put me at risk and just show up can go jack-off somewhere else and I won't help you with it)


I only open my door for my scheduled appointments and you WILL get specific instructions moments before start time. You should NEVER be waiting at my door, I should ALWAYS be ready for you upon arrival

  • Protect all Provider's names and service

NEVER assume it's safe to mention provider's : name, service, massage, or that you are a client/customer

"massage" Has a very negative stigma, don't try to trick your self into thinking it doesn't. 

"I'm here to help a friend" is a great default phrase


are sometimes not even aware business is even conducted and by saying the wrong things, you can basically give us away

WOWEE!! you've read things this far?! thanks!

Cancellation Policy

 No call-No show / Last Minute Cancellations 


Value being on good terms with your providers

  •  Last minute /cancellations - $50

  • under 2 hours of notifying your provider of cancellation..  

It will be hard for your provider to find someone last minute to fill in your missed time , plus she has had to pay to reserve , at the least help her pay for that

  • No call/No show - 

  • will cost you to be black listed nationally

This means I am completely unaware that you have made other plans or for what ever reason while having ample time in the day to NOT warn the provider of your absence.

  • $200 up front for the cost of previous missed appointment - before I consider letting you book with me again

Failure to respect my time


 Termination of our contact**

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Why the secret word?

I ONLY wish to work with those who will listen.. and are patient. If you fail me on this simple mission, then my website did it's purpose~

 Is there "EXTRA" service?

*facepalm* "NO, absolutely not. This is not a secret phrase hinting that I offer anything more.. Honestly If I offered more I'll get a little bit attached to where I WILL show up at your house unannounced asking for more  so.... lets keep it simple and not provoke cute crazy me! <3


Well, What can we do ?

Upon arrival, my rules will be clear upfront & people still enjoy it

so If you aren't Intimidated by me yet, I hope you're ready for an unforgettable experience !

DISCLAIMER : UPON BOOKING WITH ME YOU ARE AGREEING NOT TO BREAK RULES AND/OR ACT LIKE A DOUCHE and IF YOU DO BREAK RULES you are ALSO agreeing to getting punched in the dick for pushing my boundaries

I know some of you like getting roughed up. But you're not supposed to! LOL

 So Just Keep An Open Mind


Follow The Rules :)

I like you already!


  • Completely disrespecting / Attacking your provider    Consent is still needed for all sessions with any provider ASK BEFORE YOU ACT !!

  • know the Secret Word is in all capital letters inside ghost's speech bubble below. Make sure ya include that in your application so I know you read all this.. .... also, 

  • "No" still means No!- ask for consent always & wait for permission!

if you break the rules  ~all the nice, pretty ladies will HIDE from you !!

It's a ghost

ya can't poke it & it does nothing.

One Last Thing :

If you wish to speak to a real human Sweet Rain, you may do so after you have sent an intake form

I made this website to inform and help my clients efficiently so I only hope that it is helpful and much appreciated ...

                                                         XOXO -Sweet Rain

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